About Herenthal

Since its foundation, Herenthal has been focusing on composing a precisely selected product range of high quality kitchenware and electronic home appliances. Due to its excellent materials and eminently convenient solutions, we offer our customers a unique and carefree cooking experience. The simplicity of our products reflects our genuine mindset towards cooking. Cooking is about the pureness of food and embracing all of its flavors. Herenthal gives access to this ultimate cooking experience.

Herenthal’s approach towards cooking is based on six core values.


Herenthal is dedicated to offer its consumers a pure cooking experience, by emphasizing the power of pure ingredients and pure senses. No overload of technologies, no need to oversell Herenthal’s pure and honest products.


Herenthal draws its strengths out of the power of the its products, their honesty and authenticity. High quality material is the basis of each product, no fake technologies and no drivel. Real products, real cooking experience.


Herenthal offers uncomplicated, straightforward and high value products. Causing a delightful customer experience — one in which our consumers get what they need quickly and efficiently, every single time.


Herenthal actively seeks out high-quality products, examining product materials, selecting the most convenient solutions. All this to offer our consumers a unique & carefree cooking experience.


Herenthal is putting an end to the current stagnant kitchenware market, by introducing some cutting-edge values, a distinctive refreshing identity and a unique design.


Herenthal’s core values, pureness and genuineness, serve as a solid basis for it’s timeless brand identity and design, which will appeal to current and future customers.